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Your Best Fitness Trainers 2016

I am here to help you choose your best fitness trainers in 2016. From road running, indoor gym and fitness classes to intense Crossfit sessions. This seasons trainers have never looked so exciting. Here I have unveiled my personal favourite’s so you can choose what kind of foot candy suits you best.

My top 3 running trainers for 2016

Finding your best fitness trainers for running can be a tricky business as many of you know running is a high impact sport and can cause many different types of injury if the correct shoes are not worn or your training schedule isn’t quite right for you.

I have picked my favourite top 3 trainers on the market at present based on style and performance.

Before you hit the shops and start pounding the roads I would highly recommend getting a Gait analysis (analysis of your running style) which can be done at several fitness shops.

Ideal beginner running shoe: Strada – By Sketchers

Sketchers Strada running shoe

Buy Skechers Go Run Strada, Women’s Running Shoes

  • Go Run Strada By Sketchers – Great for longer distances outdoors (road running) and on the treadmill. Not only do these sneakers look awesome with their fun 80’s style chic they are also incredibly functional for those long runs.

What I like about these is they have great support for your foot, which helps when running form deteriorates (for instance your foot starts rolling inwards) through tiredness plus good cushioning on the heel helps lower the impact during road running. Great for new runners.

A similar running shoe would be the New Balance 890

  • Adidas Ultra Boost – If you are looking to boost your running time or smash that PB well maybe the Adidas Ultra boost can help. The technology that has gone into this shoe really excites me.

Apparently the Adidas ultra boost is designed to maximise your energy return from the foam sole – plus the shoe has been designed to support your own unique running style otherwise know as your gait…what I was talking about earlier.

The only negatives I have heard about this shoe is the durability is be sure to only wear them in fair weather and decent terrain!
On the positive side these are super comfy and lightweight so feel like you are running on air.

Similar shoe is Brooks Ghost

  • Nike Air Zoom Vomero is a great all rounder and one of my favourite brands. This shoe gives you comfort and efficiency. In Nikes own words “Pushing cushioning faster, the feeling feet dream about”

Designed to give you maximum comfort and a smooth running stride it can handle longer runs and great for shorter faster paced distances. Plus it’s another awesome looking shoe that comes in a variety of colours so you can look super slick while running up a sweat.

A similar shoe is the saucony triumph.

Find Your Best Fitness Shoe 2016 for The Gym

When you are in the gym you need a shoe that is a good all rounder from spending time in the weights area perfecting your squats to hitting the treadmill with some fast paced intervals. Here are my favourite 3 gym savvy fitness shoes.

  • The Saucony Virrata is a lightweight trainer that Saucony created for runners but I definitely think these serve a great purpose in the gym. They have a flatter sole or as saucony say ‘zero drop’ which means that they are much better for performing weight training exercises in the gym. Trainers with a higher heel might effect your form and performance when lifting or squatting.

Not only do I love the look of these super smart trainers but they are comfortable and supportive without feeling to rigid. Plus if you ever want to ditch the gym in the summer time for a sizzling run outside then these trainers will have you whizzing down the road.

  • Nike flyknit zoom agility – LOVE..WANT…LOVE ..I WANT these trainers!! Looking super sleek and snazzy with their new high tech upper material these trainers will help you look and feel the part whilst your working up a sweat in the gym.

The upper fabric material has special fabric woven through it which helps stabilise your foot when faced with any sharp movements. Great for workouts full of jumps, sprints and weights.

Light weight and fits like a dream and Nike claim it’s super responsive cushioned sole will improve your running efficiency.

  • New Balance 711 Heathered – Although these wouldn’t be my first choice they are however a fantastic trainer if you are looking for a shoe that gives you incredible support from high impact activities.

So if your training takes you to all areas of fitness then these little beuts are for you!.

Great for taking on box jumps and any plyometric work in the gym plus super comfy and perfect for fitness classes.

New Balances sales pitch is – ‘At the gym and on the go, a training shoe that mixes so-soft Cush+ midsole cushioning with all-around flexibility to help you achieve whatever “more” you reach for.’

A great statement – Plus they look great too!

Find Your Best Fitness Shoe 2016 For Cross Fit / Metabolic circuits

If you havn’t heard about crossfit,,,where the flip have you been these past few years. For people who have a passion for training insane crossfit with it’s metabolic style workouts have you gasping for air but craving more.
With such intense workouts you need a good set of functioning footwear – so here goes my top 3….

  • Reebok Cross training Nano 5.0 – I am super impressed with the Nano 5.0 trainers capabilities which offer efficiency and comfort across all exercises. Designed for maximum durability offering great protection while doing box jumps, burpees, toe to bar moves plus supportive while lifting those heavy weights.

A sign of a great cross fit shoe is how well it adapts to different activities so while you have the comfort and support while lifting and performing explosive movements these trainers also serve well for those sprint runs we love to hate!

  • Inov-8 F-Lite 240 Crossfit shoe – with a slightly more raised heel to toe drop in this shoe (Inov-8 has 6mm and Reebok 3mm) you gain a little more protection from you and the ground without compromising on your weight lifting and squat position.

Rubber casing at the front of the shoe to protect your toes from the all important box jumps and toe to bar moves plus a great shoe to complete the short runs in. My only down side to these is the limited style and colours. Overall this shoe is comfortable, gives stability and performs well.

  • New Balance Women’s WX20v3 Minimus Cross-Training Shoe – this shoe has been designed for ultimate comfort with many reviews stating customers feel like they are walking on air. Unlike other Crossfit style shoes new balance have created a Crossfit shoe with a higher arch for extra support.

The upper material is designed for breathability and flexibility giving the shoe a natural feeling of support giving an almost barefoot appeal.

The design is slick and uber cool so while your working out to the extreme not only are you performing like a pro but your looking like a super star.

These are a great durable trainer and offer good support with weight training and jumping plus being lightweight they are a great shoe for any movement. New balance say the Vibram sole helps with stability and balance.

These trainers are just the tip of the iceberg as to what’s out there and available I have just taken a few of my favourite brands and placed them on my leader board.

Do you have any trainers you absolutely adore or feel give you that edge?…then I would love to know..send me a message with your top choices.


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