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New Shoes!

Being a personal trainer I am always on the look out for exciting new footwear because I literally live in trainers!

You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to review Nikes new Zoom Pegasus 33 trainer…wahhooooo! Amazing. Nike has to be one of my favourite sports brands from shoes to fitness leggings but hey that’s a whole different article.

Lets focus on trainers. I even make myself cringe when I say this but the first thing I look for is the overall aesthetics of the trainer (I know…it’s superficial) My boyfriend who is also a personal trainer has told me off for this many times.

However if I am going to don a pair of trainers from morning to night, I want to look good. Secondly I focus on overall comfort and feel, the support they give making sure they don’t rub in particular places. Last not least is performance, how do they benefit my workout and what type of workouts are they most beneficial for.


So lets break it down:

The Look

I like bright trainers sometimes the brighter the better so these fit my style perfectly. On the shelf perhaps not what I would have personally picked but teamed with a pair or black Nike leggings and a neon fitness top I’m starting to feel the part and these shoes certainly have the look to motivate you.

Sleek in appearance plus light weight which is really important for longer workouts or all day wear-ability. They also have these bright fly wire cables which not only add to the look but give you added support and flexibility in the wear of the shoe.

The Feel

After putting these on I had a new spring in my step! I have other Nike trainers and what I noticed when I put these on was the support. I usually go for a flatter shoe.

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 offer support without being too rigid so you still feel like you have freedom of movement, I think thats down to the fly wire cables.

The spongy sole makes these great running trainers giving you some really good cushioning between you and the road. I certainly wouldn’t mind running some mid distances in these beauties.


The Performance

The Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 feel fantastic to run in because of the lightweight feel and secure support. I am not sure why, but it feels like my foot is being placed in the right landing position with a nicely cushioned sole area in the forefront of the shoe. This gives a fabulous feel to your overall stride.

When it comes to speed, do these trainers make me faster?….ha! Probably not but I like to think the lightweight feel of the shoe contribute to my endurance ability and the spongy sole giving me an added bounce and lift off after my foot strike.

The Final Thought

To be honest I have been wearing these everyday since I received them which to me is the real test…love ‘em. Great for running, chasing my clients around the park and I couldn’t help model them in the gym as they are sooo pretty! A versatile workout shoe.

Get your very own pair of Nike Zoom Pegasus 33 –  CLICK HERE

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