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Online personal training is a great way to reach your goals

Get lean and mean, boost weight loss and receive professional fitness advice

You get my expert guidance, challenging & constantly updated workouts, nutrition plans & yummy recipes all at a great price with the ongoing support from the comfort of your own home.

I have created an online 8 week programme that will kick start your training, keep you on track and boost your motivation. Time to have fun with my interactive videos! I create personal challenges and competitions for you to earn points for rewards at completing your training and congratulating you at your success. My 8 week plan includes:

  • Detailed Food Plans & Recipes
  • 8 Weeks of Interactive Videos
  • Goal Setting & Guidance on Measurement Taking
  • Weekly Support By Me

The biggest advantage lies in both the affordability and flexibility – Online Personal Training is just a great way to go. These are my top 4 reasons for online training packages

  1. Results – It works! Typical results from online personal training can vary but it’s increase in popularity just goes to show it does work and that’s why many people are turning to this type of training to help them exceed in their fitness goals.
  2. Attention – Workouts are updated regularly and you will have your own set of weekly goals to achieve – with the interactive workouts I have ways to keep you on track and make sure you complete your set of weekly workouts! You get weekly support from me – after all..your success is my success.
  3. Value – You cant beat online personal training for value. I have more than 24 total online personal training workouts a month at the same price as three private gym sessions. That is just an amazing value! It ’s an incredible opportunity for someone who does not have the time or the finances to see a trainer on a one to one basis. You will gain fitness knowledge, motivation and get those same incredible results, all through online personal training.
  4. Convenience – Easy availability to everything. Online personal training workouts can be done at anytime you wish, train whenever and where ever you want. Online support means you can get your questions answered at a time that is convenient for you. For busy people with constant schedule challenges, Online Personal Training is the perfect fit.

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