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How Strength & Conditioning Improves Running

How strength and conditioning can improve your running skills

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I have learned over the years that strength and conditioning plays a vital role for all sports. Yes, I believe you have to practice the sport itself in order to progress but if you want to progress quicker then strength and conditioning work will be your best friend.

You will acquire improved performance through sport-specific exercises. This will improve the specific muscles used during your sport enabling those muscles to perform better not just for strength but for speed, agility and endurance.

A well-designed programme will improve muscle, ligament and tendon strength and when combined with flexibility training this helps reduce the risk of injury. In conjunction to this a specific programme can be designed for weakened or under-active muscles to be targeted which will improve technique, strength and decrease injury.

How can strength and conditioning help runners?

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Running can potentially be a lot of strain on the leg muscles and the joints. Strength and conditioning will improve the muscle strength and connective tissues, therefore, reducing your injury risk.

Strength in the muscles is a key component for additional power which will improve your running time and competency to run up hills efficiently.

By starting a strength and conditioning regime you will improve coordination, power and stride efficiency.

What muscle groups do I need to work on?

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Work on your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.


An essential foundation for any training!


It’s not an obvious one but working on your back, shoulders and chest muscles will improve posture. Also, there is an element of ‘arm drive’ which helps with strength and speed of running when your legs start to fatigue.


Hip Thrusts

Squats and Lunges

Russian Twist // Ab Wheel

Barbell Rows

Push up

Top fitness tips to remember

Keep your workouts progressive. Make small changes each week and log your sets, reps, weights and rest times to monitor progress. Training without a purpose lacks focus and results.

Learn how you can improve your running speed with simple training techniques

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