Intense Personal Training in Brighton

If you're looking to achieve a certain fitness level or change your look in a short space of time then go for my intense personal training package.

Depending on your goal and time frame I will create an in depth fast track progressive training programme for you with complete support and all the motivation you require. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions per week. This package will catapult you to getting your goal but be prepared to put in the time and effort to get those results.

This package gives an in depth understanding of your current lifestyle choices and explores positive outcomes to find the best and realistic solutions for you.

  • Lifestyle assessment

    Emily will assess what your current lifestyle habits taking into account both positive and negative behaviours. She will look for things that are holding you back from reaching your current goals and focus on ways to create healthy behaviours and positive attitudes towards lifestyle change. Understanding effects of various habits and attitudes have on your health is an important step towards change.
  • Personalised Programming

    Each session will be 60 minutes. Emily will improve both functional and strength training, share new skills and training techniques. She will encourage consistency and dedication in order to reach a specific goal.
    You gain access to E M Fitness’s workout app where you can track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets and progress photos keeping you on track to hit your weekly and monthly fitness goals.
  • Lifestyle planning

    Giving you positive motivation and direction with creating a lifestyle plan that will keep you on track and focused towards your goal. Lifestyle planning incudes weekly exercise planning, weight loss goals, how to stay on track and make time to prepare and follow nutrition plans.
  • Nutritional Support

    Within the lifestyle assessment we can attain information about current eating habits and tailor nutrition plans that work well with your lifestyle but also complement your training and take you to your end goal.
  • Full Support

    Whether you’re a fitness beginner or at an advanced level we all need support at some stage and I am here to help guide you through those tough times, great times or on hand to answer any questions you have through email or phone.
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