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No Fuss Nutrition Advice

As a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove I am always asked what’s the best diet or foods to eat for weight-loss and toning up and presented with so many new fad ideas hyped up by the media.

Keep it simple – Let’s face it most of us know what foods are going to be nutritionally better for us and those that aren’t. Chocolate and crisps fall into the latter sorry peeps.

Unfortunately in my experience there are no quick fixes.

Here are my top 3 ‘no fuss nutrition tips’ this week:

1: Change the way you feel about food

Not what you were expecting huh? Well if you keep thinking you are depriving yourself of that bar of chocolate or deep filled cheese sandwich your most likely to fail.

By eating healthy you are doing not only your body but your mind some good – sugar and carbs make you sad. It is shown in research that bad food can have a depressing affect in the long term – so just remember that when your hands creeps into the cookie jar.

2: Keep it simple

Avoid processed foods they are hidden with all sorts of naughties. Fresh meat, vegetables and fruits on the menu please.

3: Increase your protein intake

Increasing your protein intake whether that’s from animal proteins or plant. Keep it a 50:50 ratio of protein and carbohydrate on your plate or for any snack you eat. This will give your metabolism a real boost!

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