Online Personal Training

Online personal training thats affordable and flexible

Customised coaching anytime, anywhere. Scheduled workouts and tailored nutrition plans.


Emily stays committed to your training goals outside of one to one sessions. Keeping you accountable, setting weekly targets making sure you stay on the right track.

THE E M FITNESS app stores all your personalised workouts, keeps you motivated on a day to day basis, allows Emily to view your completed scheduled workouts ensuring and tracking your fitness progression.

The app integrates with FITBIT and MY FITNESS PAL making sure Emily can track your daily and weekly food intake. You will also have access to your own personalised nutrition plans helping you manage your nutrition in one easy place.

It’s an easy way of checking in with your trainer and tracking your personal bests! Receive notifications and reminders and acknowledgement of your progress.


The biggest advantage lies in both the affordability and flexibility – Online Personal Training is just a great way to go. These are my top 4 reasons for online training packages

  1. Results – It works! Typical results from online personal training can vary but it’s increase in popularity just goes to show it does work and that’s why many people are turning to this type of training to help them exceed in their fitness goals.
  2. Attention – Workouts are updated regularly and you will have your own set of weekly goals to achieve – with the interactive workouts I have ways to keep you on track and make sure you complete your set of weekly workouts! You get weekly support from me – after all..your success is my success.
  3. Value – You cant beat online personal training for value. I have more than 24 total online personal training workouts a month at the same price as three private gym sessions. That is just an amazing value! It ’s an incredible opportunity for someone who does not have the time or the finances to see a trainer on a one to one basis. You will gain fitness knowledge, motivation and get those same incredible results, all through online personal training.
  4. Convenience – Easy availability to everything. Online personal training workouts can be done at anytime you wish, train whenever and where ever you want. Online support means you can get your questions answered at a time that is convenient for you. For busy people with constant schedule challenges, Online Personal Training is the perfect fit.


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