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Whether you want to lose weight, sculpt your physique or get your figure back after a baby – as a personal trainer I will provide you with confidence, guidance and motivation. With my help you will be become leaner, faster, stronger and above all healthier.

Weight Loss

This weight loss program is designed for both men and women tailored around your individual challenges related to lifestyle and exercise ability. Complete lifestyle assessments with a detailed nutrition plan that with kick start your weight loss and energise you to a new level. I will motivate you and help you overcome your challenges for a healthier and more energised new you. Burn fat, increase your energy levels and have fun.

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Body Sculpt

This package has been designed to give your body image an overhaul from losing weight to toning muscle. Specifically designed to meet your requirements I will provide you with a progressive training plan combining a variety of techniques to achieve the best results for your training. Using a combination of resistance, cardio, circuits and kettle bell equipment and techniques so training never becomes boring.

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Intense personal training package

If you’re looking to achieve a certain fitness level or change your look in a short space of time then go for my intense personal training package. Depending on your goal and time frame I will create an in depth fast track progressive training programme for you with complete support and all the motivation you require. You must be able to commit to a minimum of 3 sessions per week. This package will catapult you to getting your goal but be prepared to put in the time and effort to get those results.

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