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My clients are now fitter and healthier, read about their personal training journey – you too can share the same experience.

Mehrak – my body shape has improved immensely

I contacted Emily over 2 years ago for Personal Training sessions as I was in my mid-forties & wanted to make sure my body stays strong as long as possible! From the minute I met Emily I knew she was the right PT for me.

Not only is Emily a Great PT with a vast knowledge regarding health, fitness & nutrition, she is both very professional, knowledgeable and also extremely friendly too.

Over the last couple of years, my body has been trained to a level where not only do I feel fitter & better, but my body shape has improved immensely. Emily through the years has worked with my ability (age & fitness level), always pushing me to the next level when I’ve been ready for it!

My PT sessions are never boring or repetitive. Every session I’m introduced to new exercises isolating the muscles I need to work on. Emily has done wonders with my upper body, legs & glutes, they are more toned & certainly stronger too!

Lisa – I loved it so much my original 6 weeks turned into 2 years!

I first met Emily in the summer of 2015 when I originally booked in for 8 sessions. Having had 2 children I wanted to slim down a little before a family wedding. I hated gyms, have no self-motivation when it comes to exercise and was very nervous.

Emily put me at ease straight away, the workouts were tough but great fun and always varied. Emily pushed me further than I thought I could go but always in a friendly and kind way. I always came out of my sessions with endorphins released and feeling good!

Her commitment also extends beyond the 1 hour session. I’ll frequently get emails with workouts to do at home in between our sessions and also meal plans and recipe ideas. Since meeting Emily my understanding of nutrition has improved, my eating habits have changed considerably, I look better, feel confident and am overall happier 🙂

Abi – getting fitter and healthier for my wedding day

I needed a personal trainer as I wasn’t finding the time to be active enough to achieve this on my own. I was looking for motivation and guidance to find the time to maintain a consistent exercise plan.

She helped with my eating, understood my lifestyle and made each and every session a bit different as I need variety. As an added bonus, she is funny, warm, encouraging (vs. judgemental) and just generally a great person to be around. Emily was the perfect match for me! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.


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