Popular Locations

I'm available to help you train within Brighton and Hove

We can train in my private studio, the great outdoors or the comfort of your home

I train clients all over Brighton and Hove in various different places from the comfort of your own home to the great out doors.

Popular Locations

  • Hove Park
  • Preston Park
  • Hove Lawns and The Sea Front
  • Wish Park
  • Blakers Park
  • Queens Park

Private Studio

Come and train in my private studio which holds a diverse range of functional equipment perfect for creative and progressive training programmes. A perfect place for one to one training, building your confidence with new equipment and personalising your workout.

Location is just out side of Brighton (10 minutes) easy to drive and regular bus/cycle routes and FREE parking.


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How To Use Carb Cycling For Fat Loss

Carb cycling can be an effective method to aid fat loss. It can be beneficial when you need more energy for workouts or post workout recovery which will help reduce fatigue and boost your will power to stay on track. Carbs make us happy, so here is the low down if you love your carbs […]


The 7 Day High Intensity Training Plan

If you find yourself stuck for time, this weeks workouts are split into 3 sessions. These are full body full body workout sessions and high intensity. Perfect for when you are short of time but want to make the most out of your workouts.   MONDAY – FULL BODY TEMPO Today you will work in […]


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