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Weight Loss Tips – Take Charge Of Your Time

Weight Loss Tips – Take Charge Of Your Time

Who feels like they have mastered the art of procrastination? Does this sound like you…

‘I’ll start after the weekend’

‘Once (XYZ) is over then I can focus on losing weight’

‘I’ll start when I am in the right head space’

There is a big problem with this type of thinking and that problem being is that if you are able to find an obstacle to start working towards your goals now – you will undoubtedly find another excuse in the future. This my friend is procrastination.

There is no barrier and no excuse that can’t be overcome with a better way of thinking. These barriers are not really holding you back – they are not real and do not exist – the real barrier in this situation is you.



Life is not about to pause just because you need to start a new fitness regime or healthy eating plan and there is no need to be in the ‘perfect’ place/headspace for this to happen. This creates the belief that your new habit will be a short term thing – something that you will only be able to do when you have nothing else to occupy your time or your mind.

There is a big problem with this thinking.

Lets say you waited for the right time to start creating a better, healthier life for yourself – whats going to happen if an issue, emotional upset or sudden burst of busyness descends upon you? Are you going to stop again?!…if you continue with the same mindset then most likely YES.

Carpe Diem! – Seize The Day.



Lets face it, there will always be something standing in your way that could affect your progress BUT only if you let it.

Understand the reasons why you are procrastinating. Does it take you out of your comfort zone? Is it because leading the lifestyle you want, having the body you desire and abundance of energy you long for simply too much hard work?

Quick Exercise: Write down what currently holds you back from starting now in order to achieve your goals.

Example: I can’t start a new exercise regime this month as I am going to be away on holiday for 2 weeks.

Everyone prefers instant gratification and no one likes to feel like they are being denied something. Take charge of your thinking! If you eat what you want and don’t exercise now – your health will suffer in the future. Remember you are not denying yourself anything by starting now and taking charge of your time.


Ask yourself this – what is it you really want?

A. A healthy, happy life feeling the best and most energised you can be.

B. A healthy medical bill

maxresdefault (2)

Quick Exercise: Take your list from above and write next to what holds you back, WHY it holds you back. What is stopping you from overcoming this barrier.

Example: I can’t start a new exercise regime this month as I am going to be away on holiday for 2 weeks.

WHY does this hold you back: I won’t be able to stick to my fitness regime on holiday.



Make the change! Stop holding onto these thoughts holding you back from what you really want – focus on what you want and how you are going to get it despite any obstacles.

Every small change will start to make a difference to your body and mind. Taking tiny steps will lead to big changes and gradually lead to you making bigger changes resulting in gaining BIG RESULTS!

Adapt the mindset that change is good – obstacles will always be there but the key is to learn how to think your way to overcoming them.

Example: I can’t start a new exercise regime this month as I am going to be away on holiday for 2 weeks.

WHY? does this hold you back: I won’t be able to stick to my fitness regime on holiday.

Solution: Even though I go on holiday this month I still want to start my fitness regime now – I can do my best while away to stay fit and then continue my progress afterwards.

Every moment is an opportunity to create the life and body you deserve. Start with small changes – Start today.



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