Lose weight with your Brighton personal trainer

This weight loss program is designed for both men and women tailored around your individual challenges related to lifestyle and exercise ability.

E M Fitness personal training packages for weight loss comprises of both cardio and strength training. This provides a foundation of full body strength that can be used in all types of functional fitness programmes increasing metabolic rate and improving overall fitness. Emily’s weight loss plan will incorporate a variety of different exercises and equipment for a high energy and intensive workout.

Nutrition is a key component of any weight loss plan. Emily works closely with her clients to ensure a suitable nutrition plan is in place to achieve clients goals. Results come from consistency and planning.

In E M Fitness weight loss personal training services you can expect;

  • Personalised Programming

    Each session will be 60 minutes. Emily will motivate you, encourage you to learn new skills and improve your strength and fitness through fun and progressive training programmes. You gain access to E M Fitness’s workout app where you can track workouts, nutrition, fitness targets and progress photos keeping you on track to hit your weekly and monthly fitness goals
  • Lifestyle Assessment

    Emily will assess your current lifestyle habits both positive and negative. She will look at the barriers between you and your goals. Understanding the effects various habits and attitudes have on your health and well-being is an important step towards changing destructive behaviours.
  • Nutritional Support

    Emily uses lifestyle analysis to create a food plan tailored to you, your current fitness level and lifestyle. This could be implementing a simple, balanced healthy eating regime or following a set macronutrient plan.
  • Full Support

    No matter your fitness level - beginner or advanced we all need support at some stage. Emily offers guidance through those tough times, great times or on hand to answer any questions you have via email, text or phone.
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