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Be healthier and happier. Direction and encouragement to achieve confidence, motivation, fitness and mobility.

This well-being service is designed for clients who are looking for a boost of confidence, motivation or guidance in implementing a fitness regime into their current lifestyle. Perhaps you don’t have a specific goal but want to feel healthier and happier with support providing direction and consistency.

Emily works with you to discover what training and nutrition plan is achievable for you. Training will incorporate a wide range of strength, cardio and bodyweight exercises using a variety of equipment. Emily incorporates movement patterns using dynamic stretches and foam rolling techniques to relieve stress and tension.

In EM Fitness well-being personal training services you can expect:

  • Personalised Programming

    Each session will be 60 minutes. Emily will introduce you to different training styles, exercises and equipment. Expect to increase your confidence and motivation through energising and dynamic training sessions. You gain access to E M Fitness’s workout app where you can track workouts, nutrition and fitness targets keeping you on track to hit your weekly and monthly fitness goals.
  • Lifestyle Assessment

    Emily will assess your current lifestyle habits both positive and negative. She will look at the barriers between you and your goals. Understanding the effects various habits and attitudes have on your health and well-being is an important step towards changing destructive behaviours.
  • Nutritional Support

    Emily uses lifestyle analysis to create a food plan tailored to you, your current fitness level and lifestyle. This could be implementing a simple, balanced healthy eating regime or following a set macronutrient plan.
  • Full Support

    No matter your fitness level - beginner or advanced we all need support at some stage. I offer guidance through those tough times, great times or on hand to answer any questions you have via email, text or phone.
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