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Emily Marie will coach, motivate and educate you to achieve your personal fitness goals. Train in a private studio or get fit outdoors using a variety of equipment to keep your training sessions exciting and progressive.

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Emfitness goes that Extra mile with you.

Achieve your goals through fitness & nutrition - not fad diets.

Welcome to Emily Marie Personal Training in Brighton and Hove. Emily will support you and build confidence in your training ability. Her focus is to improve your health and fitness through education, effective workouts and a healthy attitude towards food. Emily can provide training packages to suit your fitness goal, budget and time frame. In addition to one to one training sessions you will also have access to the EM FITNESS app keeping you on track with your training plan, nutrition goals and weekly lifestyle targets.

Specialised and highly individualised lifestyle programmes, Emily will motivate you to start healthy new habits and maintain them.

Each session is created to progress your fitness level week by week while keeping your training fun and exciting.

Train in a private studio in Brighton, in the park or in your own home. Using a variety of strength equipment as well as functional kettle bells, sandbags, TRX and Urban Strength Bar designed to give you a dynamic and powerful workout.

If you need support getting into shape or obtaining a fitness goal, Emily Marie Personal Training will be able to help you achieve it.

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